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Our Plans

Research Wing
Max Nodaz Research wing aims at finding qualitative healthy products and services to humanity which are useful in day to day living. This wing is dedicated to find various alternatives that can serve humanity with better solutions to health and vision related issues of people. The research wing is responsible to design various methods that can help people to bring greater alignment to their life. The major activities of this wing includes collecting and conducting research on various life science related subjects, publishing authentic research data and sharing it to people through various mediums, designing and developing variety of products and programs with new pragmatic methods of implementations.

Learning Wing
Max Nodaz Learning wing is envisioning new educational and learning processes for the current and future employees of the company. This wing is responsible to train people with practical knowledge about realizing the vision of Max Nodaz and helping them to understand products and services with various training programs and courses. For the future team development this wing is dedicated to implement special course for the freshers to equip them with wide range of skill sets. This wing will provide special attention to develop over all personality of the employee which will help him/her to be confident, courageous, creative, loving, peaceful and productive human being.

CSR Wing
Max Nodaz Corporate Social Responsibility wing is fully focused on the larger development of society. This wing will cater to various projects and activities that will help the larger society at city, state, national and world level for a loving, peaceful and wonderful society. The wing will carry out various campaigns for bringing awareness to society related with the greater development of society as a whole.