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October 12th was celebrated as Gratitude Day, a special day to thank doctors for their invaluable service to humanity. 689 doctors were greeted on this day with a greeting card. We also initiated "Play and Win" campaign for targetted doctors. Both these campaigns will be a ongoing project till the month of March 2013.

GRATITUDE DAY - ACTIVITIES Mr.Abhilash Mukundan, BE Ernakulam presenting the Gratitude Day Card to Dr.Chathurthy. RECOGNITION FOR IInd QUARTER

Mr.Jayachandran, BE Trivandrum being awarded in the meeting for achieving 105% of his IInd quarter target at a PCPM of 1.25 lakhs and becoming the top performer of the company.

SOME MORE PHOTOGRAPHS Mr.Dhibu Paul, RBM Kerala presenting the Gratitude Card to a doctor.

Gratitude Day (12/10/13) Max Nodaz Life Science Pvt Ltd celebrated Gratitude Day on 12th October 2013, to thank doctors for their service to humanity. For the next six months, one day in each month will be celebrated as Gratitude day.